Nurturing Self-awareness: Who are you?

Nurturing Self-awareness: Who are you?

Understanding self-awareness

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often find ourselves caught up in the chaos of work, relationships, and endless to-do lists, losing sight of the one person who truly deserves our care and attention – ourselves. As we celebrate Self-Awareness Month, let’s shed light on what is self-awareness and how it becomes the very foundation of self-care!

What is self-awareness and why is it important?

Self-awareness is the ability to turn our gaze inward and explore and understand ourselves on a deeper level. It is the most critical and beneficial skill upon which the foundation of self-care is built and our springboard for personal development and growth. 

It impacts everything else, like how you navigate in the world, how you show up in the world, how you relate to others, etc. Self-awareness directly contributes to your quality of life in health, family, relationships, and finances. 

Do you really know yourself?

Chances are, if you are stagnant or not seeing results in a particular area of your life, you most likely have a lack of self-awareness in that area and it is creating your blind spots. Researchers say 95% of the population feel they are self-aware when actuality only 10 to 15% of the population meets the criteria. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to better assess if you lack self-awareness.

  1. Do you have trouble understanding your emotions? Are you prone to emotional outbursts?

  2. Do you shut people down when they question your beliefs or because they could argue against you?

  3. Do you make excuses for your failures? Do you praise yourself when things go well but blame others when things go wrong?

  4. Do you find it difficult to empathize with others? 

  5. Do you find trouble explaining your actions or analyzing yourself from an outside perspective?

  6. Do you sometimes feel the need to hide or suppress your emotions?

  7. Is it hard for you to make realistic goals?  Are you honest with yourself about what you need to work on to accomplish your goals?

  8. Do you lack a sense of identity? 

  9. Do you have trouble keeping yourself on task?

  10. Do you struggle with time management, self-control, and making healthy long-term decisions?


How to Develop Self-Awareness

If you have more Yeses than Nos with the questions above, then here are some quick tips to get you started. You can repeat or modify them as needed or as you grow.

1. Go solo

To know yourself, you must spend time with yourself, alone without any distractions or entertainment. You are the focus.

2. Journal

Keeping a journal allows you to record your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It's like having a conversation with yourself on paper, providing valuable insights into your inner world. Specifically, write down what comes up when you reflect and meditate on you. Processing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors helps in self-discovery.  It also serves as a marker.

3. Meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps you tune into the present moment. YOU are the focus in the meditation time. It encourages self-reflection and a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings. Allow yourself to reflect on who you are.  Ask yourself questions about your strengths, weaknesses, character,  feelings, thought process, behaviors, values, and fears.

4. Get the right perspective

Welcome the opportunity for constructive feedback from people that you value and respect. Also taking personality tests and getting feedback from strangers will give you valuable insight as well. Seeking therapy can also provide you with gentle guidance and perspective, tools, techniques, and a safe place where you can explore your thoughts and emotions.

Remember that understanding what is self-awareness and nurturing it is an essential part of self-care. However, it is just the beginning, the foundation upon which your self-care practices will flourish. When we understand our strengths, weaknesses, and triggers, we can better regulate our emotions, foster meaningful relationships, make wiser decisions, and reduce stress. So, embrace self-awareness! Here's to a happier, healthier you!

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